Saturday, 22 December 2012

Hi All,

I've written this post, to say I'll been starting to put content back up on the blog. I will leave from where I left off in C2 (Binomial Expansion). The next posts will be about Geometric Series, I'm also looking to do a post on general Sequences and Series..

I'm sorry for not updating as regularly as I thought I would, I never knew university would be so hard.. and I literally couldnt be bothered. I've accessed the blog in months, and happy to see it's had 20000 unique views.. Thanks to everyone who's viewed it.. and I hope it's been useful in some way or the other.

One good thing about these new set of posts, is I will be typesetting LaTex, this is a code, used for many mathematical writing. So that everything's more clearer to read.. e.g.

Before I used to write

(x^2 + y^2 ) / (x^3 + y^3)

Now using LaTex It will be much more clearer like this :

So I hope you have a good christmas, and a happy new year. Thank you for viewing this blog once again, I'm actually surprised people apart from the UK, have viewed this much more than I expected.