Thursday, 24 November 2011

C1 Introduction

C1. The first module of AS, of any Alevel Maths Course. Suppose to be the easiest, it generally forms on from the A-A* topics of gcse. However, you don't have a calculator... so brush up on general arithmetic skills, and fractions. Topics :

1)  Algebra and Functions
*Laws of Indices, Surds, Rationalising the Denominator, Quadratic Equations (Discriminant, Completing the Square, Quadratic Formula,Factorisation), Sketching Graphs and Transformations of Graphs.

2) Coordinate Geometry
*Equation of a Straight Line, Gradients, Perpendicular Lines

3) Sequences and Series
*Terms, nth Term, Arithmetic Series, Sum of Terms and Stigma Notations.

*Differentiating basic functions, and relation to Gradients.

*Indefinite Integration

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