Thursday, 24 November 2011

Introduction to A-Level Maths

Hello and Welcome to my blog for A-Level Maths. This blog shall cover material / notes from C1 - C4, updating weekly. I am focusing for now on Edexcel's new specification (from 2008 onwards), and hopefully later on will go on to OCR and AQA.

Firstly, I'd like to make clear, if hardwork is put it at any stage, the good results will be the output. It does not really matter whether you have an A* or a C at gcse. Alevel does require independant study, and Practice makes Maths, not rewriting notes hundreds of times. I stress, that it is important to understand a key concept, rather than trying to solve and generalise examples from textbooks. Here is the specification link for Edexcel :

Here is the link to the Formula Booklet, you will have access to in the exams :

For A-Level Maths (Edxcel), you will have to take 4 core modules {C1,C2,C3,C4}. And two applied modules from {D1,D2,M1,M2,S1,S2}. Usually candidates choose D,M,S 1 then D,M,S 2. But you are allowed to take part 1 of two modules, if your school permits.

*C2,C3,C4 are synoptic modules, each requiring candidates to understand content from previous modules.

 AS - (C1,C2 ,1st applied module)
A2 - (C3,C4, 2nd applied module)

I will write up model solutions on request by email. So email me your problems on  {ONLY C1- C4 Problems}.

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